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There’s no substitute for 20 years’ Experience

Due to a number of major fuel suppliers operating at Gibraltar both by Barge and Ex Pipe, the port of Gibraltar and its surrounding ports of Algeciras and Ceuta have become key ports in the maritime sector, strategically located at the entrance to the Mediterranean.

Our wealth of experience and expertise will guarantee our principals peace of mind when their vessels are at any of our attending Ports. Our professional approach together with competitive prices on all our services means Ship Owners / Operators have entrusted their vessels with us for over 20 years.

Our head office is located in the port of Gibraltar, from where we also attend ports in over 30 countries via our Agency Network. Contact us on +350 20079974 or rms@rms.gi with any enquiries you may have.

Gibraltar Coat of Arms

Ships & yachts served in Gibraltar
Gallons of fuel processed
Customs items cleared
Crew attended to

Here are just a few of the many services we offer

  • Bunker Suppliers

  • Fuel Oils

  • Lub Oils

  • Bunker at Anchorage or Alongside

  • Ships Agency

  • Bunkering

  • Crew Changes

  • CTM

  • Chandlery

  • Ships Spares

  • Provisions

  • Yacht Agency

  • Refueling

  • Berthing Requirements

  • Repairs

  • Medical Assistance etc.

  • Towage

  • Slops

  • Used battery disposal

  • General waste disposal

  • Fresh water at berth or at anchorage

  • Lubricant delivery

  • Repairs

  • Hull cleaning / propeller polishing

  • Bonded goods

  • Repatriation / Medevac

  • Urgent spare parts


Bunkers – Fuel Oils

Rock Maritime Services GibraltarWe offer a range of Fuels either from berth – ex Quay – Pipe Supply or ex Barge. Gasoil is supplied from dedicated storage tanks with specifications of Current Density at 0.867 – 0.887 / Sulphur Max 0.1%. We can also arrange Gasoil DMA / AGO Grade.

There are currently two berths available at Gibraltar for Gasoil Supplies Ex Pipe –Ext Jetty Berth No 21 and 1 East. Larger vessels are supplied ex Barge at the Inner Anchorage Gibraltar Bay such as Tankers / Container / LNG / Bulk Cargo / Liners etc.

We guarantee to supply whenever you need it – 24 hrs a day / 365 days a year. As we know, time is money and the slightest delay can be costly therefore, you can be assured of a quick and hassle free supply. By working only with the major suppliers we can always guarantee the quality of our fuel.

Credit facilities are available for the Fuel and the Calling fees where we can quote Lump Sum offers.

Bunkers – Lubricating Oils

Lubricating Oils - RMS GibraltarAnother field which has seen substantial increase in Gibraltar Port is the supply of Lubricating Oils.Some of the major brands are available at Gibraltar including:

  • Mobil
  • Shell
  • BP
  • Total / Repsol
  • Castrol

Ships Agency Services

Having been in the business for over 20 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience. Our experience together with our professional approach have helped develop great relationships with all suppliers in the area. We will work closely with all suppliers / parties in order to guarantee a smooth and efficient turnaround when any vessel is calling under our care.We are a small, friendly and efficient team at your disposal 24/7 – ensuring all our clients’ requirements are met professionally and in the minimum time period during the bunkering time constraints whilst offering a variety of services. We will provide any service you need, when you need it including the following:

  • Husbandry / Bunker Agents
  • Off Port Limits Operations – No need for vessels to deviate from shipping lane.
  • Crew Changes
  • Spares / Stores delivery
  • Garbage collection / disposal
  • Full Worldwide Logistics / Freight Forwarding services – Import / Export
  • CTM Delivery (Cash To Master)
  • Medical Assistance
  • Repairs – Either at Dry Dock / Berth or Anchorage
  • Admiralty Charts
  • Slops reception / disposal
  • Fresh Water at Anchorage or Alongside
  • Underwater Hull / Propeller Cleaning / Inspection
  • Aerial Photography
  • Full Stevedoring Services
  • Container Handling
  • Ship Chandlery exempt from VAT

Crew Changes

Gibraltar is part of the UK, so immigration formalities for visa requiring nationals could not be simpler. As accredited shipping agents, Crew members will be allowed to fly with our standard Letter Of Guarantee, providing that they hold a valid travel passport and seaman’s book issued by a country which has ratified the ILO 108 : Algeria, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Honduras, Iceland, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Republic of Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, the Russian Federation, Seychelles, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Spain, Sri Lanka, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Sweden, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay.

The seaman does not need to be a national of the country that issued the document. With Malaga Airport approx 1 and half hours away, and Spain being part of the SCHENGEN group, any on signer / off signer holding a valid SCHENGEN visa / EU nationals can travel via Malaga thus allowing for more connecting flights for easier / more efficient crew changes. We will take care of all immigration formalities / meet crew for arrival and departures / hotel reservations / taxis / port security clearances and allow for a hassle free effective operation.

Ships Spares / Stores / Customs Clearances

With a wide variety of available methods in which to send / receive spares, there is no surprise in the increase in movement of spares / stores in Gibraltar Port. With customs clearance procedures being one of the simplest around, goods received via Gibraltar Airport / Courier companies can be cleared and ready for delivery in a matter of a couple of hours from arrival.

We also work with all ship chandlers / suppliers in Spain in order to ensure the safe connection of provisions.

Thanks to close links between Malaga Airport and Gibraltar, we can arrange collections / clearances for goods received at Malaga airport which in the recent years has become a major international cargo airport.

With Spain being a member of the EU we can also arrange for customs clearance / unloading and transport to launch / vessel with great ease for any dedicated trucks which are sent from the EU by our principals.

Garbage Collection / Disposal

Landing of garbage at Gibraltar Port is not compulsory as is in other ports, however same can be arranged if required. Skips can be sent to vessel for ease of offloading and then once disposed off, official certificate is issued by disposal company.

Medical Assistance / Services

Emergency medical services are available around the clock, 365 days a year with on duty Port Doctor / Hospital. Also all other services such as Seafarer Medical Certificate renewals (ENG1), Medical Chest Certificates etc ,can be accomplished. Due to simple repatriation / immigration formalities, Gibraltar is a preferred port for emergency disembarkations.

Dry Docking / Repairs at Anchorage or Berth

Gibdock is Gibraltar’s Dockyard. Ex Ministry Of Defence, Gibdock has all the facilities to repair and service any type / size of vessel. Gibdock consists of 3 docks ranging from 154 meters to 272 meters in length, also a 435 meter mole and a 300 meter main wharf is available for any lay by berths required. Many services are available at Gibdock including; Steel and Pipework / Painting & Blasting / Engine Repairs / Electrical. To ensure optimal security for all vessels at Gibdock, the yard implements ISPS requirements. Due to our experience with the ship yard, we will coordinate will all concerned parties as to ensure that your vessels stay at Gibraltar is as hassle free as possible. Repairs at Anchorage / Alongside berth can also be carried out subject to confirmation from Gibraltar Port Authority.

Admiralty Charts

With Gibraltar’s own fully stocked local chart agency, latest Admiralty charts and publications are available 24/7 365 days a year.

Slops Reception / Disposal

All types of slops / sludge can be disposed off at Gibraltar by barge.

Diving Services

Underwater Hull / Propeller Cleaning / Inspection / Repairs with Photographs or video, whichever is required can be achieved at Gibraltar. We work closely with company SCAMP with excellent reputation and they can cater for vessels of any size.

Ship Chandlery

We work closely with local ship chandlers that stock a great range of products from provisions / bonded to general deck stores at great VAT exemption prices. They work 24/7 365 days and deliver whenever required.

Off Port Limits

All above services are available via Off Port Limits Operations. OPL are performed at 2 rendezvous positions;

  • 1.5 NM SE From Europa Point
  • 6 NM SE From Europa Point – No Need For Vessel To Deviate Traffic Lane

There are no documents required for OPL and operations are carried out whilst drifting / safe speed as to avoid any delays to voyage.

By utilising our own company service boat “RMS 2” which can cater for up to 12 crew per trip, together with up to 5000 kilos of ships spares / provisions / stores etc. we can guarantee the same exceptional level of service every time.


Yachts Services

Offering a one stop solution for all your yachting needs

Benefiting from VAT Free Status / Low Tax Regime / Strategic Location, Gibraltar has become a very popular port for bunkering and berthing of Superyachts.

Highest quality Tax Free Fuels supplied with guaranteed specifications available cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. We work with Giboil & Peninsula Petroleum, whom we have established close relations with over the years, always ensuring our clients best prices together with a fast, smooth and reliable turnaround.

Grades Offered:

  • Automotive Gasoil SG Density – 0.842
  • Marine Gasoil – SG Density – 0.867 / Sulphur Max 0.1%

We cater to your every need / requirement including:

  • Bunkering – Fuel / Lube Oils
  • Berthing reservations – Short / Long Stay
  • Yacht Clearance
  • Customs and Immigration procedure
  • Repairs / Spare Parts – At Dry Dock or Berth
  • Customs Clearing Agents / Freight Forwarding Services
  • Banking Transactions / CTM Delivery
  • Divers
  • Security Guards
  • VAT / DUTY Free Provisions / Stores
  • Hotel and travel reservations – Joining / Repatriating of Crew Members
  • Medical Assistance – Emergency / Renewal of Medical Certificates (ENG1)

We will always endeavour to arrange a smooth, hassle free and efficient turnaround

Marine Traffic Map

Windguru Weather

 Gibraltar - Gibraltar (GFS 27 km 22.01. 00 UTC)
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01h 04h 07h 10h 13h 16h 19h 22h 01h 04h 07h 10h 13h 16h 19h 22h 01h 04h
Wind speed (knots) 11 10 11 12 15 15 13 11 9 9 8 8 9 11 10 8 7 7
Wind gusts 14 13 14 17 18 18 18 15 11 12 11 11 10 12 13 10 9 9
Wind direction W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W WSW
Temperature (°C) 10 10 9 10 13 14 12 11 10 10 9 10 12 13 11 10 10 9
0° isotherm (m) 2k 2k 1.9k 1.9k 1.8k 1.8k 1.7k 1.6k 1.5k 1.4k 1.4k 1.5k 1.5k 1.5k 1.6k 1.6k 1.6k 1.6k
Cloud cover (%) - 18 9 - - - 16 35 21     - - -   - - -
Rain (mm/3h) -                                  
Humidity (%) 73 73 75 71 61 62 68 67 71 76 80 78 65 61 69 73 72 74
Pressure (hPa) 18 19 19 20 20 19 19 20 20 20 19 21 21 20 21 23 23 23
 Lat: 36.1333, Lon: -5.35 Timezone: CET (UTC+1) sun08:31 - 18:34

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